Zwigato Full Movie 2023

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 : Cast | Story| Review | Budget | Trailer and Many More

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 : Zwigato is set in Bhubaneshwa, it caputres what an ordinary family faces in the post-pandemic world. Kapil Sharma, who gained popularity due to his

comic timeing, will be doing a serious role in the film. Kapil is playing a food delivery rider, who works hard to make ends meet.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023

India’s comedy king Kapil Sharma to make a nice comeback on big screen with an important film called Zwigato, film’s title come from popular food delivery applications, and the story revolves around struggles of a food delivery agent.

Kapil Sharma is one of the busiest celebrities, recently made his TV comeback with popular comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, its 4th season started on 10th of Sep 2022, another side Kapil’s social media Zwigato is receiving rave reviews after TIFF screening.

Zwigato is an upcoming 2023 Indian Hindi-language drama film directed by Nandita Das. The film is produced by Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initiatives. The film presents a story of the relentlessness of life. Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami star as the leads in the film.

About Zwigato Full Movie 2023 

Manas (Kapil Sharma) becomes a driver for a food-delivery app, Zwigato, after losing his job as a factory-floor manager during the pandemic.

While Manas is dealing with all sorts of inconvenient obstacles and impatient customers, his wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami) applies for a job as cleaning staff at a mall, to make ends meet.

The daily grind begins to take a toll, which forces him to confront his old-fashioned ideas about being the only breadwinner of the home.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Synopsis

Zwigato is an upcoming Hindi movie scheduled to be released on 17 Mar, 2023. The movie is directed by Nandita Das and will feature Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami and Tushar Acharya as lead characters.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Cast

Kapil Sharma who made his Big Screen debut with Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu (2015) as a lead actor, loved by his fans but his next movies Firangi (2017), It’s My Life (2020) got unnoticed.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Cast

Zwigato Teaser looks like Kapil Sharma is going to be a full time big screen hero. Rock On (2009) fame Shahana Goswami is playing the role of his on-screen wife in Zwigato. Tushar Acharya, Kishor Kumar Swain are other important actors in the film.

  • Zishan Ali as Cafe Customer
  • B M Baisali as Apartment Woman
  • Monalisa Bal as Ayush’s Mother
  • Bishan Balabhadra as Rider
  • Gargi Bhattacharya as Madam
  • Neelambari Bhattacharya as Riya
  • Chiranjib Biswal as Younger Das
  • Yuvika Brahma as Purbi
  • Swastik Suchandan Hota as Rider
  • Manoj Das as NRI Man
  • Debtosh Darjee as Zwigato Official
  • Rayaansh Das as NRI Boy
  • Jaya Biswas as Suni
  • Arabinda Jena as Supervisor
  • Ashish Kumar as Rider
  • Arjun Das as NRI Boy
  • Aadil Khan as Vigilante
  • Kaushik Mahapatra as Desi Restaurant Owner
  • Jugal Debata as Builder
  • Akash Mohapatra as Hasan
  • Tripati Maharana as Krushna
  • Dilip Kumar Das as Fruit Vendor
  • Saurav Mahapatra as Guru
  • Jagdish Prasad Maharana as Rider
  • Chirag Mehra as Apartment Man
  • Jyoti Ranjan Mishra as Rider Aslam
  • NN Mishra as Rider
  • Dipanwit Dash Mohapatra as Cleaner Debu
  • Ashwin Ray Mohapatra as Petrol Pump Attendant
  • Abhay Kumar as Grocery Man
  • Amitabh Patra as Rider
  • Soma Mohapatra as Bungalow Woman
  • Manas Ranjan Mishra as Plain Clothes Cop
  • Susil Mishra as Older Das
  • Prasanjeet Mohapatra as Rider Subhash
  • Santanu Panda as Rider
  • Kanhucharan Pradhan as Rider
  • Manoj Kumar Pattanayak as Principal
  • Ram Patnaik as Bungalow Man
  • Pramod Kumar Rout as Old Man In The Train
  • Abhilash Rao as Young Worker
  • Hara Rath as Biswajit
  • Sanjukta Rath as School Teacher
  • Uditguru Mohapatra as Drunk Man
  • Shantilata Padhy as Maai
  • Abhishek Giri as Rider Sunny
  • Manoj Kumar Sahoo as Gopal
  • Tilottama Sahoo as Monalisa
  • Raj Prakash Soumya as Cafe Manager
  • Akash Ranjan as Rider
  • Jayaditya Rao as Ayush
  • Ajay Vora as Vigilante
  • Krishna Gouda as Cleaner
  • Satyabrata Sahoo as Cleaner
  • Anita Sahu as NRI Woman
  • Biswajit Rout as Clerk
  • Soumya Ranjan as Main Vigilante
  • Pranab Prasanna Rath as Rider
  • Dipak Dipu as Tout
  • Samar Singh Grewal as Zwigato Sathi Voice
  • Inaya Parikh & Variya Parikh … Bungalow Kids
  • Debabrata Pattanayak as Zwigato Receptionist
  • Pradeep Kumar Tripathy as Cleaner
  • Rashmi Ranjan as Rider
  • Kishor Ramachandra Swain as Barber
  • Prajwal Sahoo as Kartik
  • Mamata Tripathi as Madam
  • Srikanta Samal as Tout
  • Saroj Kumar Sahoo as Photo Studio Man
  • Manoj Kumar Sahoo as Gopal

Zwigato Crew

DirectorNandita Das
StoryNandita Das
ScreenplayNandita Das, Samir Patil
CinematographyRanjan Palit
MusicSagar Desai, Devanshu Singh
ProducerNandita Das, Deepak Segal, Sameer Nair
ProductionGramnet, Le Chaunce Films, S Cube Caterers
Box OfficeTBA
OTT PlatformTBA
OTT Release DateTBA

Addtional Info

LyricsGeet Sagar
SingersSunidhi Chauhan
VFXRanjan Sahoo, Paru Bishwakarma
Costume DesignPampa Biswas
OthersSunny Dagar, Rita Ghosh, Shadab Ahmed

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Story

Zwigato is a Hindi drama movie co-produced,co-written and directed by Nandita Das starring Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami in the lead roles. The film is about an ex-floor manager of a factory who loses his job during the pandemic. 

He then works as a food delivery rider, grappling with the world of ratings and incentives. To support the income, his homemaker wife begins to explore different work opportunities, with fear but also excitement of a new found independence. 

The film is about the relentlessness of life, but not without their shared moments of joy. It captures the lives of invisible ‘ordinary’ people, hidden in plain sight.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Review

Manas is the newest member of the gig economy. After losing his job as a manager at a factory, he is left with no choice but to become a food delivery driver for Zwigato (a cheeky combination of Swiggy and Zomato). His wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami) is also planning to join the workforce with her first job as cleaner at the mall. 

Her excitement of finally gaining this independence is contrasted by Manas’ disdain at the idea. But his work, with unachievable incentives and ridiculous policies, isn’t getting any easier. And they could use the extra cash.

‘Zwigato’ is about the microaggressions faced by India’s working class, and their willingness to change and adapt to the times. The speed with which the landscape is changing is very rapid, so of course there are growing pains. Instead of dramatising their plight, the film’s narrative prefers to allude to a criticism of the shrinking employee rights, the ridiculous policies of corporate capitalism, and the suppression of political movements aimed at fixing the issue. 

Nandita Das chooses to address this by finding the comedy in the tragedy. There are some great gags here, like a recurring dream about a train, a complicated star ranking system Manas can’t seem to grasp, and a mystical SUGAM scheme he keeps dreaming about.

Kapil Sharma is perfectly cast because he portrays Manas with the humour and earnestness that is needed here. His approach is not condescending or pitiful, it is sweet, funny and incredibly real when needed. Das has taken one of India’s biggest stars and brought him down to the bare bones of his comedic instincts. 

Sharma understands the way humour is weaved into the story on an instinctual level, so he doesn’t overcompensate during the funny moments. He doesn’t ever need to be funny, because he IS funny.

Shahana Goswami can never give a bad performance it seems. She could be the next Naagin and get critical acclaim for that as well. Her chemistry with Sharma is so lived-in and genuine. We see him through her eyes, which are always filled with affection and respect for her partner (the scene with the broken alarm clock is such a great example of it). 

Pratima is on the verge of a new journey in her life, and Goswami nails the nervous excitement of her character perfectly.

‘Zwigato’ isn’t a perfect movie. In some ways it doesn’t go far enough to have a clear conclusion. But Das makes it clear right from the beginning that the goal here is the journey, the non-stop express train ride these characters are on. We’re just here to go through the bumps and stops with them.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Budget

The movie has an extremely low budget, although the exact amount has not been revealed. Some sources suggest that the production cost may be less than ₹5 crores. The director of the movie is Nandita Das.

Zwigato Release Date

Zwigato is one of the early releases of 2023 in Bollywood. Kapil Sharma’s Zwigato first screened at Toronto International Film Festival 2022, the film festival was held from the 8th to the 18th of September, Nandita Das’s this film won hearts, and many International film fraternity people praised the film.

After Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Zwigato is winning at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Now Indian audiences are eager to watch this film asap. Zwigato will be released in the big screen on  March 17 this year. The makers of the movie gave the confirmation.

Zwigato Full Movie 2023 Trailer

  • Zwigato Official Trailer | Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami | Nandita Das

A factory floor manager looses job during the time of pandemic, when everyone is facing financial crisis, however the man joins food delivery app called Zwigato, still tough with wife, son and a daughter in family.

Kapil Sharma shares the trailer on social media on Sep 19, 2022. And recently, the makers dropped the new trailer of the film.

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