Thunivu 2023 Movie : Cast | Story | Review | Budget and many more

Thunivu 2023 Movie : Cast | Story | Review | Budget and many more 

Thunivu is a 2023 Tamil action-heist film with a cast led by Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier. Directed by H. Vinoth and produced by Boney Kapoor, it has earned over Rs. 200 crore globally and has received a "UA" certification with a runtime of 146 minutes. The story follows a gang of robbers who encounter a heist already underway, led by a mysterious person.

Thunivu is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language action heist film written and directed by H. Vinoth, and produced by Boney Kapoor. It stars Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier, with Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Veera and Bagavathi Perumal in supporting roles. Thunivu was released on 12 January 2023. Here’s the full list of cast and crew of “Thunivu”:

Thunivu 2023 Movie : Cast | Story | Review | Budget and many more
Thunivu 2023 Movie : Cast | Story | Review | Budget and many more 

Thunivu is an 2023 Kollywood (Tamil) Movie, It is a Romantic, Drama film, The film stars Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier in lead roles and Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Vetri Kiran, G.M. Sundar in supporting roles. This film is Directed by H. Vinoth and Produced by Boney Kapoor. It is made under the banner of Bayview Projects, Zee Studios. Thunivu is scheduled to release on 11 January 2023.

All About Thunivu 2023 Movie 

On Wednesday, 21st September, the makers of the film revealed the title of the film as Thuniuv and along with it, also dropped its first look. The poster features Ajith in a new avatar, filled with swagger sitting on a chair and holding a gun in his hand.

Not only that, in the poster we see the superstar sporting gray hairs and beard, which gives a dashing look. The intriguing poster promises a never seen before visual treat to his fans. We can also see the tagline “No Guts No Glory” in the poster.

Thunivu was censored ‘UA’ certificate with an approved runtime of 2hr 26min or 146mins.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Synopsis

A gang goes to rob a bank only to realise that there's already a heist underway, led by a seemingly crazy person. Who is this mystery man and what are his motivations?

Thunivu 2023 Movie  Story

Thunivu is a Tamil action-thriller movie written and directed by H Vinoth. The movie features Ajith Kumar in the lead role, along with Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Premkumar, Veera, and Cibi Chandran playing pivotal roles, with many other supporting characters.

The movie was produced by Boney Kapoor under the banners of Bayview Projects and Zee Studios. Red Giant Movies will distribute this film in India, and Lyca Productions handles the global distribution.

Ghibran composed the film's music as well as the background score. Anirudh Ravichander, Ghibran, Vaisakh G, Shabir, and Manju Warrier sang a song in this film under Vaisakh G, Shabir, and Viveka's lyrics. Every dance in this film was choreographed by Kalyan Master. Nirav Shah handled the cinematography, and the film editing was done by Vijay Velukutty.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Star Cast

Along with Ajith Kumar, who is playing the male lead in this much-hyped action entertainer, the film stars Malayalam actress Manju Warrier in the female lead role.

Thunivu marks the second Tamil film of the actress’s career after the Dhanush-led Asuran (2019). The film also stars Veera, Samuthirakani, GM Sundar, John Kokken, and Ajay in crucial roles

Thunivu 2023 Movie Budget

Thunivu movie is made with a budget of 200 crore Rupees and it is a high-budget movie.The budget of the film was spent up to ₹100 crore in production cost and the cost of printing and advertising of the film has been around ₹100 crore. 

Thunivu 2023 Movie Box Office Collection

Thunivu's first-day global box office revenue of 24.4 Cr was equal to Vijay's Varisu. Despite barely grossing 24.4 Cr, "Thunivu" scored a 74.26% gross Tamil occupancy rate. On January 16, Thunivu's production company made the official declaration that the movie had made 123 crores in just 5 days globally, including 32 crores from outside and 91.50 crores from Tamilnadu.

Thunivu has earned the milestone, making it Ajith's sixth movie to collect more than Rs 100 crore. Ajith Kumar's highest box office haul came from the film Valimai, which made 100 crores in just three days. "Thunivu" was Ajith Kumar's sixth film to gross over a 100 Crore worldwide collection; Arrambam was AK's first picture to do so. Thunivu became Thala Ajith's 3rd 200 crore film in his career in the first week of global box office collections, grossing 200 crores.

Viswasam is the first blockbuster to break the 200 crore box office record, and then came Valimai, which took in 204 crores. Now this movie joins the club and surpasses his career's total global box office earnings.


Thunivu 2023 Movie Plotline

The plot of Thunivu, which is an action thriller, is that a criminal genius and his crew devise a strategy and rob banks in Chennai, Ajith Kumar prevents the crime syndicate from attaining their target, and he takes back control of the bank and continues to prevent the burglars from robbing.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Delicate Story

Veera and his crew have gone to rob a well-known private bank in Chennai in accordance with the police and bank authorities' plans. However, AK, a bank client, handles Veera and his squad while also controlling the bank.

Ajith Kumar, who had already gotten rid of the bank, has been provoking the police and officials. Manju Warrier is assisting Ajith Kumar from the outside. The cops then got to know them and identified Ajith Kumar as an international gangster.

The film's plot revolves around why an international gangster targets and robs a private bank. H. Vinod also wrote the film adaptation for the screenplay in order to help widespread people understand various concepts such as credit cards, the stock market, mutual funds, interest-free loans, and loans, among others, as well as the capitalist class's tactics through these schemes.

A heist thriller built on a true incident that was motivated by the theft of the Punjab Bank in 1987. The Vinoth screenplay will flood the theatre with fan cheers with this short statement. It would be the firm's third partnership after Nerkonda Paarvai (2019) and Valimai (2022) have generated attention and become standouts in Tamil cinema. Thunivu is their third film together, and this one has been more effective than the prior two. This movie is indeed a screenplay from beginning to conclusion, with a powerful message and details about banks.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Film's Announcement

Ajith Kumar's 61st movie as a leading man was announced in February 2022 under the working title "AK61." On September 21, 2022, the film's main title and first-look poster were revealed. On December 9, 2022, Zee Music Company launched the first single from the film, "Chilla Chilla."

Even Non-Thala fans were allured by that one song. The first half of this film last for 1 hour 11 minutes 37 seconds, and the second half will last 1 hour 13 minutes 49 seconds.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Release Date 

Red Giant Movies won the rights to the Tamil Nadu theatrical release of the film, which is set for Pongal 2023, on January 11, 2023, during the Pongal feast. It is the conflict between Vijay's Varisu. Veeram and Jilla, their previous Pongal rivals, also had successful 2014 box office results.

Thunivu 2023 Movie Review

There are a couple of episodes in the second half of Thunivu, which, if they were played separately, might make someone mistake the film to be something from the Shankar stable. Or from an AR Murugadoss. We get a Shankar-style tragic flashback that explains the motivations of the protagonist, who is on a mission. The other is a crowdpleasing bit in which the antagonists who have been taking advantage of a gullible public are made to answer for their wrongdoings on live television even as we get to know the evil machinations of a familiar industry.

But unlike Shankar or Murugadoss, H Vinoth doesn't seem to believe in packaging his film's core subject into an expansive, grander and conventional narrative that first sets up the characters before diving into the plot. This film dives right into the plot in the first few scenes, keeping us in a state of uncertainty as it gives us events that are unfolding in real time and introduces characters along the way. And so, we get straight to the bank robbery that's the film's inciting incident.

Gangster Radha (Veera) and his men plot to rob a bank and land up there only to realise that there is a mystery man (Ajith Kumar) who is already in the bank, and is only too eager to take over the task. Even as the police, led by the Commissioner (Samuthirakani), is figuring out a way to capture the man, he learns that there is something else sinister afoot. Who is this man and what is he after?

The first thing that strikes you about Thunivu is its pace. The scenes move from one to the next in breakneck speed, and there are times when we wonder if the editor, Vijay Velukutty, is playing them at 1.5x speed. It does take some time to settle down to this, as it does with Ghibran's wall-to-wall background music as well. And for a big-budget film, the production design is quite tacky.

Meanwhile, Vinoth keeps packing the screenplay with all the information he must have come across while writing the film. From the way financial scams are done to what happens to the hard-earned money that customers deposit in a bank, he fills us in with a lot of info. Some of this even flows right over our heads given the fast-paced nature of the film. There are moments when we desperately wish for the director to slow down so that we can get to know the characters and the issue better. The villains here are not just bankers, but policemen, media and politicians as well. But the rapid pace never lets us get an idea on how one feeds off the other.

The director choses to give the film its highs with scenes in which his star, Ajith, lets loose and does stuff that is more anti-heroic. From dancing like Michael Jackson to coming up with smart quips, the actor just takes over the scenes in the first half, coming up with an enjoyable over-the-top performance that brings out the whistles from the fans.

Meanwhile, Manju Warrier, who plays the protagonist's partner (the film never bothers to specify if they are strictly professional partners or romantically involved as well) gets to perform some stunts and gets a terrific mass moment in one scene. However, the role doesn't offer her anything more other than that.

The other actors, including Samuthirakani, remain more or less functional. The film falters mainly with the performances of the actors who play the antagonists. None of them appear as a threat to Ajith's character, not even remotely. Supreme Sundar's action choreography, too, pushes implausibility quite a bit, especially, the numerous gun shoots.

Despite raising many relevant questions about the operations of our financial institutions and the impact that has on the common man, the film’s refusal to show it as something that affected the protagonist directly makes it impossible to root for him whole-heartedly. And when the film turns into a logic-defying chase on the sea, we begin to wonder if guts alone can be enough for glory.

Thunivu 2023 Movie trailer

The trailer opens with guns blazing, and it’s obvious that the anti-hero Ajith Kumar and his team are going to hijack a bank. Ajith Kumar is introduced wearing a mask and blazing his guns in an action sequence. The trailer shows Ajith Kumar as a ruthless robber, and he seems to have proven that he is an ace at playing negative roles yet again. The fast cuts and the action sequences of the movie, along with Manju Warrier in a badass role, have increased the expectations and excitement. It looks like some secrets about the anti-hero and his mission will be revealed in the movie.

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