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Prey (Hindi Dubbed)

Prey (2022) [Hindi HQ-Dub TRAiLER] – HULU-Film | Full Movie | [VerySoon!] Exclusively on HDHub4u

iMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Stars: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro

Language: Hindi (HQ DUBBED)


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Prey (2022) Review: – The best Predator film since the 1987 original

In the first Predator (1987), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, and a host of other actors well known for playing macho characters during that era, form an elite paramilitary rescue team that is tasked with a mission to rescue hostages in a guerrilla-held rainforest territory. At a glance, the screenplay by Jim and John Thomas screams typical action movie fare, the dialogue and the male posturing emphasizing that sentiment and doubling down on it. The action set-pieces with explosions and gunfire, directed with flair by John McTiernan, would have made a very competent, altogether decent action movie. Until they dropped a Predator into the screenplay.

The Predator is a technologically advanced alien who is more interested in the fun of the hunt and stalking his prey. By dropping a large alien who can render himself invisible and has advanced weaponry beyond what the mercenaries have in their arsenal, the movie becomes an exercise in subversion, as the run-of-the-mill extraction action movie transforms into survival horror.

The secret of any good Predator movie (because the franchise has had its share of both gold and faecal matter), is to not start as a Predator movie. Predator 2 (1990) begins as a gritty cop movie set in Los Angeles in the middle of a heat wave, where a gang war is already underway between two rival drug cartels. The Predator presents itself in the picture and starts hunting people for sport. The genre mix-up is what makes Predator such an enticing watch, but the deepening focus on the lore or complications of the plot always manages to sidestep the ethos of the franchise in the worst possible manner.


Prey follows the story of Naru, a young Comanche woman who has been training herself as a healer for her tribe. She dreams of becoming a hunter like her brother Taabe, much to the derision of Taabe’s contemporaries and with support from her brother. One day, as she is tracking deer with her dog Sarii, she witnesses the arrival of a “thunderbird” in the sky and decides to take that as an omen that she is ready to prove herself as a great hunter and lead a big hunt.

As Taabe agrees to take her with him to hunt a mountain lion, Naru and the tribe discover one of the wounded members of their tribe, the mountain lion having been spooked away by a mysterious creature able to render himself invisible and watch the tribe’s movements. In a subsequent scene, what Naru had inferred as the “Thunderbird” is revealed to be a “Predator” ship, housing one of the Predators, who have already begun hunting and ripping spines out of other animals in the wild when the Comanche nation begins to hunt.


It’s fascinating how much Trachtenberg and screenwriter Patrick Alston manage to delve into and expand on both the Comanche Nation and the character of Naru. This ensures a fantastic representation of the Comanche Nation, but the secret sauce in Trachtenberg and Alston’s story is how the story is essentially Naru’s coming-of-age story of evolving as a Comanche hunter and later tribe chief. By following her as she understands and tries to figure out why the animals are, in a way, getting disrupted because of the presence of a mysterious apex predator, we see her developing her tools and figuring out her terrain and its inborn rustic treachery (the quicksand).